Video: Where are the Disruptive Women?

Re-Framing”Having it All”: Dads Speak Out

By Sangita Kasturi: Why don’t we ask whether men can have it all? We dismiss the question because  we continue to expect women to juggle career and home in a way that we don’t expect of men. But that needs to change for organizations to fully tap into their female talent

Video: Building a Culture of Diversity



Why Gender Equality Needs to Include Men

By Sangita Kasturi: Choices for Men at Home Means More Choices for Women at Work. Nearly every woman I know who has advanced to the highest levels in her organization has phenomenal support at home – the kind that allows her to work late nights, Read More

An Accidental Culture

By Sangita Kasturi and Jami Donohue
Driving to work recently, we found ourselves on speaker phone, recalling the places we had worked that were particularly good at engendering trust, fostering collaboration Read More

Video: Unconscious Bias

Gender Equality: Can We Have it at Work Without Having at Home?

Sangita Kasturi: During a recent seminar on business strategy, a woman asked me how she could be “more strategic.” I made a few suggestions, each of which Read More

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