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What You Can Do About the Wage Gap

By Sangita Kasturi:  When internet hackers exposed Sony Pictures’ salary data, Jennifer Lawrence learned she was earning less than her male costars. “Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, and Bradley Cooper all fought and succeeded in negotiating powerful

Re-Framing”Having it All”: Dads Speak Out

By Sangita Kasturi: Why don’t we ask whether men can have it all? We dismiss the question because  we continue to expect women to juggle career and home in a way that we don’t expect of men. But that needs to change for organizations to fully tap… Continue Reading “Re-Framing”Having it All”: Dads Speak Out”

Why Gender Equality Needs to Include Men

By Sangita Kasturi: Choices for Men at Home Means More Choices for Women at Work. Nearly every woman I know who has advanced to the highest levels in her organization has phenomenal support at home – the kind that allows her to work late nights,

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