Action Inclusion is proud to be partnering with Skytop Strategies on their upcoming program, “Gender Equality in the C-Suite and Boardroom 2,” taking place in Chicago December 8-9th, 2016.

 Engage with institutional shareholders, diversity and search firm executives, practice experts, researchers and academics. Discover the latest developments on the road to gender diversity and best practices on gender parity efforts while applying tools and tactics designed to improve diversity of thought on boards and in the c-suite – towards improved value creation.

 Constituents of Action Inclusion receive a 25% discount off the dated price. To register at this discounted price, please contact Colin Hines. Click here for more.

Action Inclusion is also partnering with The Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee to design and deliver a research-driven, interactive event as part of a year-long series on gender equality.  The first event focused on unconscious bias and its impact on organizational talent.

This second event recognizes that women tend to have mentors, but not high-level sponsors who can actively pave the way for their careers. In the third of this series, we explored the wage gap and tactics and strategies to narrow it. 

Stay tuned for the fourth and final event of this series to be announced soon.

Series 1: Challenging the Status Quo: Unconscious Bias

Series 2: Sponsorship v. Mentorship: Why the Distinction is Critical for Women

Series 3: Narrowing the Wage Gap