Cultural Intelligence

WorldFlagsResizedToday’s business world requires its leaders to have a keen understanding of how to work with different cultures whether national, regional, ethnic or organizational. Adding sub-cultures to the equation adds to the complexity.

Combining our own experiences living and working abroad with research on cultural intelligence, we can help you deepen your understanding and heighten your comfort when dealing with unfamiliar cultures.

We can help you understand cultural differences and work effectively with global teams through programs designed to introduce to various cultures and key differences including high- and low-context cultures, mono- and polychromic cultures, social status, class interaction and more.

Organizational culture often become a pivot point in mergers, acquisitions and restructuring. Applying change management disciplines, we offer guidance in navigating and merging organizational cultures, and bring light to the stated and underlying beliefs that shape the culture of your organization. We also coach individuals toward greater success in working with the culture of the organization in which they hope to ascend.

For non-Americans striving to succeed in the American workplace, we offer insights into American priorities around business, time management and workplace etiquette. We also discuss American values such as speaking up and driving your own career, how to network and communicate in language that resonates in the American workplace.

We can prepare you to for your assignment abroad by helping you manage expectations, learn the local culture and develop a global mindset.