The Talent Trifecta

We design inclusive cultures and equip leaders with the knowledge, language and tools to drive courageous conversation and action.
We define “inclusion” as the ability to tap into untapped talent pools and fully leverage that talent, and help you recruit, retain and promote talent that reflects the diversity of your communities.
Using design thinking methodologies, we help you design inclusion and diversity into the full lifecycle of employment – the Talent Trifecta™.
Talent Trifecta™  – Recruiting, Retention and Advancement


Recruiting deals how the talent comes in to an organization. It is about how and where talent is sourced, and creatively expanding partnerships within the community, training recruiters to ensure that certain types of talent is not inadvertently screened out, and developing candidate vetting processes that are inclusive and friendly to diverse talent. This area can also include looking at the way an organization shows up in the marketplace when it comes to diversity and ensuring that job descriptions are inclusive.
Retention is all about culture. Here we take a close look at inclusive business practices, developing inclusive leaders, articulating what inclusion means in your organization so that people can be held accountable to that concrete definition, and equipping leaders with the right skills to be as inclusive as possible.


Advancement is about the way talent is identified and promoted. This can include setting goals around female or minority leadership, ensuring that high potential programs are intentionally inclusive, sponsorship programs for underrepresented groups and applying appreciative inquiry questions to the way employees are evaluated for promotion.