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“depth and breadth of knowledge”

Sangita is a phenomenal consultant and collaborator. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker, as well as an incredibly skilled facilitator who is able to successfully engage with all levels, and a wide variety of audiences. Sangita and I have partnered on several projects… Continue Reading ““depth and breadth of knowledge””

“great facilitator, presenter”

Sangita is a great facilitator, presenter, and an extremely knowledgeable business consultant, well versed in the topic of diversity, among other areas. Sangita partnered with us to determine the best approach for reaching the diverse audience at Allstate, and then delivered a dynamic presentation… Continue Reading ““great facilitator, presenter””

“leader of change”

Sangita is a leader of change who is able to bring clarity around complex issues. I had the pleasure of working with her on several issues (both local and corporate). She led global teams into completely new ventures for the corporation driving change through… Continue Reading ““leader of change””

“open, honest & direct”

Honestly, I wasn’t confident enough to successfully assess and understand my skills and strengths. I was lucky enough to have met Sangita and was impressed with her experience and knowledge in working in a global environment. She understood my lack of confidence in trying… Continue Reading ““open, honest & direct””

“leadership, diversity, women’s equality”

I highly recommend Sangita as a mentor and speaker for Leadership, Diversity, Women’s Equality, Women Standing in Their Power and as a powerful, engaging, knowledgeable speaker. Sangita taught some classes I attended while at LFGSM for my MBA. It’s always wonderful to listen to… Continue Reading ““leadership, diversity, women’s equality””

“excellent speaker and facilitator”

Sangita is an excellent speaker and facilitator. I had the pleasure of working with her when she served as a speaker for an Internal Communications & Situational Messaging Conference I produced. Sangita presented a session on global communications and cross-cultural diversity. Sangita’s highly interactive… Continue Reading ““excellent speaker and facilitator””

“professionalism, insight and clarity”

“I highly recommend Sangita for her professionalism, insight, and clarity of communication. In any situation, she is very adept at separating the pertinent information from the “noise” and getting to the bottom of an issue. She excels at dealing with people, gaining trust and… Continue Reading ““professionalism, insight and clarity””