Women Leaders

For more than 15 years now, women have been graduating college at higher rates than men in every developed country including the United States. Numerous studies show no difference between women and men in their capacity for strategic thinking, innovation or leadership. Women are powerful in every aspect of life. And yet, the full potential of this power is largely untapped and unrecognized.

We believe that women’s advancement is tied to gender equality, which means that we invite men into the dialog. Thus, our approach to developing women leaders is four-fold:

  1. Coach women to play from their strengths and deepen their power base.
  2. Build confidence and skills in leadership, powerful communication and personal branding.
  3. Surface the unconscious biases that make us assign or oversee traits based on gender.
  4. Change the narrative that holds people to certain behaviors and expectations based on gender. We believe this piece is the key to inviting men into the dialog as essential partners in leveling the playing field for everyone.

By combining facilitated training with coaching, we equip women with deep insights and powerful tools that helps them reach for their own potential.